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AR Quizzes - Use this link to reach the AR Quizzes

The Math Inventory - Math Benchmark test

TCS Catalog - Search for all materials in the TCS Media Center

Typing Club - This link takes you directly to our page on Typing Club. 

Kindergarten  Coding skills

1st Grade - Coding Skills

2nd Grade - Coding Skills

3rd Grade - Coding Skills

4th Grade - Coding Skills

5th Grade - Coding Skills

Coding Games for Kids

The Math Inventory - Math Benchmark test

Find my Lexile - use this site to find the Lexile level of your book

GaExperienceOnline - Practice Test for GMAS

GALILEO - A Research Database   PASSWORD: (See Ms. Adams) 

EPIC! log in information will be updated soon. 

2nd Grade MobyMax




HMHed Growth Measure



Older students should really enjoy Open eBooks or SimplyE


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