Every Child Matters

Taliaferro County School

Each Child Matters


In the K-12 setting, when feeding children as young as age five up to adolescents as old as age18, school nutrition professionals work with a customer base that has a lot of variety among not only ages, but of cultures, socio economic statuses, lifestyles, moods, likes and dislikes, and learning styles. One key to excellence when developing communications and marketing aimed for students is to first consider the audience. At the elementary school level, school nutrition professionals can develop communications and marketing that are simplistic. "s igns, serving line cards and posters can get the message across with visual images that all students can recognize whether or not they can read. At middle and high school levels, the communications can include more wording. Because students learn in a variety of ways, marketing and communications should be offered in a variety of methods including visual signage, announcements for the auditory learners, and repeated messages through multimedia such as fliers, online web sites, bulletin boards, posters, post cards, class or school announcements, and any other form of communication readily available. It is important to remember that regardless of the differences, such as age and economics, every child should receive the same nutritious, high quality meal and friendly customer service as others.With such a varied customer base, school nutrition professionals can use several approaches to market the school nutrition program to all students, as each child matters. USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Taliaferro County School is an equal opportunity provider and employer