Middle School ELA
Ms. Lester


7:45-8:00      Homeroom 

8:00-8:15      Breakfast

8:15-9:30      ELA (7th)

9:30-10:30    ELA (6th)

10:30-11:10  ILT (SRA)

11:10-12:30  Lunch/ Common Planning

12:30-1:30   Planning/Resource Time 

1:30-2:30     ELA (8th)

2:30-3:05     Resource Time


For more information of each unit of study, visit the following website https://lesterelak12.weebly.com/
Here is the ELA syllabus.
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
Here are a few other helpful resources.
Georgia Milestone Test Prep Materials
Here are the resources I recommend for students to use to assist with Milestone Prep.