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Ms. Gowen 

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Hi there! 

   My name is Ms. Megan Gowen. I am excited to be a part of your student's learning journey as their math and science teacher. 

   This is my 5th year as a part of the Taliaferro County family. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Piedmont College with a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education.

   I currently hold a S.T.E.M endorsement and working towards obtaining my master's degree in Curriculum and Design from Valdosta State University

   Outside of school, I can be found in my kitchen experimenting with a new dish or out exploring.  I work closely with the local animal shelter and take pride in helping foster the four-legged citizens of our community. 

Let's have a fantastic year!

5th and 4th Grade Math and Science Schedule

Contact Me

Phone:  706-456-2546 Ext 321


E-mail: mgowen@taliaferro.k12.ga.us


4th Grade 2021 Remind Code: @8ck9hg


5th Grade 2021 Remind Code @baachd

5th Grade Science

Students will be using our Digital Textbook for on hands access to reading and learning activities. 
Please access the PADLET for more resources. 

5th Grade Science Padlet

Unit 1: Studying Science 
Unit 2:  The Engineering Process
Unit 3: Changes to the Earth's Surface
Unit 4: Changes in Matter
Unit 5:  Electricity and Magnetism 
Unit 6: Cells and Inheritance
Unit 7: Classifying Living Things 

5th Grade Math

Unit 2: Fractions as Quotients and Fraction Multiplication.
Unit 3: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions 
Unit 4: Multiplication and Division of Multi-Digit Numbers
Unit 5: Place Value Patterns and Decimals Operations
Unit 6: Measurement Conversions and Fraction operations
Unit 7: Geometry and Coordinate Plane 

4th Grade Science

The student will be using our Digital Textbook for on-hand access to reading and learning activities. 

4th Grade Science Standards

Ms. Gowen's 4th Grade Science Padlet

Unit 1: Studying Science 
Unit 2 The Engineering Process
Unit 3: Earth and Space
Unit 4: Weather
Unit 5: Light and Sound 
Unit 6: Forces
Unit 7: Energy and Ecosystems

4th Grade Math

Unit 1: Factors and Multiples
Unit 2: Fraction Equivalence and Comparison


Unit 3: Extending Operations of Fractions
Unit 4: From Hundredths to Hundred-thousand
Unit 5: Multiplicative Comparison and Measurements
Unit 6: Whole number multiplication and division. 
Unit 7: Angles and Angel Measurement
Unit 8: Properties of 2-D Shapes