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Algebra 1 Support

Foundations of Algebra

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Foundations of Algebra is a first year high school mathematics course option for students who have completed mathematics in grades 6 – 8 yet will need substantial support to bolster success in high school mathematics. The course is aimed at students who have reported low standardized test performance in prior grades and/or have demonstrated significant difficulties in previous mathematics classes.

Foundations of Algebra will provide many opportunities to revisit and expand the understanding of foundational algebra concepts, will employ diagnostic means to offer focused interventions, and will incorporate varied instructional strategies to prepare students for required high school mathematics courses. The course will emphasize both algebra and numeracy in a variety of contexts including number sense, proportional reasoning, quantitative reasoning with functions, and solving equations and inequalities.

Instruction and assessment should include the appropriate use of manipulatives and technology. Mathematics concepts should be represented in multiple ways, such as concrete/pictorial, verbal/written, numeric/data-based, graphical, and symbolic. Concepts should be introduced and used, where appropriate, in the context of realistic experiences.

The Standards for Mathematical Practice will provide the foundation for instruction and assessment. The content standards are an amalgamation of mathematical standards addressed in grades 3 through high school. The standards from which the course standards are drawn are identified for reference.

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