• Greetings from the Superintendent

    I welcome you to our web page as you seek information about our students, teachers and staff who are here to work to make Taliaferro County Schools a wonderful place to be.

    Do not let our small size and being a rural school fool you. Taliaferro County K-12 is a dynamic place for teaching and learning. Our teachers are highly motivated to make the student’s time in their classroom valuable and worthwhile. Our students are very respectful and well behaved; they too treasure being a part of TCK12. It is also a wonderful place for a child to be who enjoys a safe, comfortable, caring environment, where everyone knows who you are. It also allows us to know each student’s level of development and capacity to learn, then we push them a little more to exceed the minimum, work towards setting lofty goals and when those are achieved, we re-set and work harder.

                We have excellent access to technology for our teachers and students, and in our classrooms for all to use. We apply all types of tried and true instruction, while always searching for new and better ways to reach, then teach the students of this generation.

                I encourage you to visit Taliaferro County K-12 and see us in action. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised at what we are doing, the vision we have as to where we want to go, and the resources we have in order to make that journey a successful one for our students as they “learn for life.”


    Warmest regards,

    Allen Fort

    Interim Superintendent and Interim Principal

    Taliaferro County K-12