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10th Grade Literature

You've reached 10th Grade Literature! I am Ginger Smith, teacher of all high school English at TCS. This is the second high school English class that our Jaguars take.  

Our units for the first part of this year are:

Short Stories/Fiction:  This unit is a study of various short stories and the novel Fahrenheit 451.  Students will be reading the text, then writing narratives and constructed responses based on our readings.  We are also including usage of Google Classroom and Padlet to focus our work by using technology. Students should check their Google Classroom often, if possible.

Civil Rights/Nonfiction Unit:  This unit is an exploration of the structures and strategies that can be used to comprehend nonfiction texts.  We will be writing short and longer constructed response.   Students will be studying important texts and documentaries about the Civil Rights Era in the 1960's.  We will also study the Civil Rights events that happened in our very own backyard in Crawfordville, Georgia.  At the end, we will write a research paper on a student chosen topic and present our reserach to school administration.

There is no EOC in this class, but all skills learned prepare students for the EOC in American Literature.

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