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9th Grade Literature

You've reached 9th Grade Literature! I am Ginger Smith, teacher of all high school English at TCS. This is the first high school English class that our Jaguars take.  

Our units for the first part of this year are:

Short Stories/Fiction:  This unit is a study of various short stories and the novel The Lord of the Flies.  Students will be reading the texts, then writing narratives and constructed responses based on our readings.  Also we may read selected parts of Watership Down.

Nonfiction:  This unit is a study of the structures and strategies that can be used to comprehend nonfiction texts.  We will be writing short and longer constructed response.   During this unit we will do a special study of mysteries and tragedies and write a research paper.

At the end of the year there will be an EOC which tests the reading and writing skills of our students.  Everything we do in class is crucial.  

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