Taliaferro County Schools

557 Broad St. NW

Crawfordville, Ga 30631

Phone: 706-456-2546

Fax: 706-456-2689


Scott Arenal-Mullen 706-456-2546
Instructional Technology Supervisor Email Scott Arenal-Mullen
Melissa Ashmore 706-456-2546  Extn: 310
School Nurse Email Melissa Ashmore
Rosalyn Bell 706-456-2546  Extn: 324
Nutrition Manager Email Rosalyn Bell
John Boatwright 706-456-2546
Director of Maintenance Email John  Boatwright
Valeria Bowman 706-456-2546  Extn: 340
Director of Transportation/Pre-K Email Valeria Bowman
Annie Chapman 706-456-2546  Extn: 341
1st Grade TA Email Annie Chapman
Joan Cole 706-456-2546  Extn: 338
Band Director Email Joan Cole
Thomas Coon 706-456-2546  Extn: 344
Job for Georgia Graduates Email Thomas  Coon
Millicent Drane 706-456-2546  Extn: 334
H.S. Science Email Millicent Drane
JeRee Dukes 706-456-2546  Extn: 312
Special Education Email JeRee Dukes
Lisa Dunnaway 706-456-2546  Extn: 318
EIP Email Lisa Dunnaway
Mr. Charles R. Finch 706-456-2546  Extn: 330
H.S. Math Email Mr. Charles Finch
Allen Fort 706-456-2546  Extn: 308
Superintendent Email Allen  Fort
Lisa Fort 706-456-2546
School Improvement Grant Coordinator Email Lisa Fort
Megan Gowen 706-456-2546  Extn: 321
5th Grade Email Megan Gowen
Kim Gresham 706-456-2546  Extn: 326
M.S. Math Email Kim  Gresham
Candice Hadden 706-456-2546  Extn: 341
1st Grade Email Candice Hadden
Audrey Hawkins 706-456-2546
Email Audrey Hawkins
Mildred Hudson 706-456-2546  Extn: 302
Finance Email Mildred  Hudson
Andreanne Jones 706-456-25469  Extn: 301
Student Services/Director of Federal Programs Email Andreanne Jones
Dametra Lester 7064562575  Extn: 324
Middle School Email Dametra Lester
Shelley Lynn 706-456-2546  Extn: 316
2nd Grade Email Shelley Lynn
Laura Mann 706-456-2546
Kindergarten Email Laura Mann
Faith McElveen 706-456-2546
Email Faith McElveen
Angela Miller 706-456-2546  Extn: 325
Middle School Email Angela Miller
Jarlanda Moss 706-456-2546  Extn: 317
3rd Grade Email Jarlanda Moss
Shanda Moss 706-456-2546  Extn: 313
Pre-K TA Email Shanda Moss
Shena Noble 706-456-2546  Extn: 333
CTAE Director/Instructor Email Shena  Noble
Magdalena Patino-Ruiz 706-456-2546  Extn: 322
Spanish Email Magdalena Patino-Ruiz
Jess Pearson 706-456-2546  Extn: 303
Finance Director Email Jess Pearson
Melissa Riley 706-456-2546  Extn: 320
4th Grade Email Melissa Riley
Penny Seals 706-456-2546  Extn: 343
Parental Involvement Coordinator Email Penny  Seals
Edna Smith 706-456-2546  Extn: 315
Athletic Coordinator Email Edna Smith
Ginger Smith 706-456-2546  Extn: 332
H.S. English Email Ginger Smith
Joy Smith 706-456-2546  Extn: 313
Pre-K Instuctor Email Joy  Smith
Egypt Thomas 706-456-2546
Email Egypt Thomas
Cherita Williams 706-456-2546
Director of Academics Email Cherita Williams
Brenda Wynn 706-456-2546  Extn: 314
Kindergarten TA Email Brenda Wynn
Angela Yearty 706-456-2546  Extn: 318
Special Education Email Angela  Yearty

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