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Local School Governance Team Minutes

Friday, October 26, 2018

Governance Meeting October 17, 2018

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TCS Charter System Governance Board 

Minutes – October 17, 2018 

A regular meeting of the Taliaferro County K-12 Charter School System Governance Board was held on the above date at 5:15 PM in the main conference room of the Success Center, located at 557 Broad St NW, Crawfordville, GA 30631 

Members present:  Origa Jones, Millicent Drane, Shanta McLendonDametra Lester 

Members absent:  Misty Hunt, Ebony Edwards, Mary Eubanks, Shelley Lynn, Egypt Thomas 


Welcome and Call to Order by Superintendent Allen Fort, followed by a moment of silence. 


Approval of Agenda with a motion by Shanta McLendon and seconded by Millicent Drane. 


Minutes from May 10, 2018 and June 19, 2018 were approved with a motion by Origa Jones and a second by Shanta McLendon. 


  • Visitation of Morgan and Putnam Counties 

  • Would visit other charter school systems in Morgan or Putnam Counties to see what they have done that was effective and what they have done that was not effective. 

  • Will report back to us once he has more information, with a possible visit to the counties ourselves in future months.  

  • Futures Day 

  • Very successful for the students. 

  • Spoke to the 8th-10th graders about keeping up their grades so that when the time came they were ready for college and will be on track. 

  • Health Clinic 

  • A Community Health Clinic. 

  • Hope to open next week on 23rd or 24th of October. 

  •  Health Science component that he hopes to add to the curriculum. 

  • Health Information Technology Program where students can go and take classes and become able for a career. 

  • Wants to hire a nurse to teach the basic nurse classes. 

  • Greenhouse Plan 

  • At point ZERO.  

  • Timetable of Construction: The school bidded out in May. The person over the program bidded it out as a whole. We will bid it out in parts. Will work on the greenhouse first. Upgrading the computer system.  

  • Extension Agent: A part-time extension agent will be here to teach. 

  • Horticulture Programs:  Agriculture, food and natural resources, will start being taught at the school.  

  • K-12 Science Standards: It will include science. 

  • Other news 

  • The county gets a million dollars a year, the school gets $400,000. If they vote for the bill, the school will only get $200,000. The mill is $55,000. 




Old Business: None 

New Business:  

  • By-Laws: The by-laws will be presented tonight but will not be voted on until the next meeting. It has to have a name. It should be put on the website. The governing board will vote on the name. Mr. Fort went over the By-Laws. 

  • There was a motion to approve the By-Laws. Motioned by Millicent Drane and seconded by Shanta McLendon. It was motioned by Millicent Drane that the name will be Taliaferro County K-12 Charter School System and seconded by Dametra Lester. 

  • Millicent Drane stated that parents should go to www.office.com. Username is your email address. 

  • Lunch and Learn is at 12:30 tomorrow for Parents and Community. 


  • Next Meeting December 11, 2018 at 5:15 PM 


Superintendent Allen Fort adjourned the meeting with a motion from Millicent Drane. 

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