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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

OneNote Resources

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Included on this page are several EXTREMELY helpful resources for navigating OneNote. If you would like a more personalized learning experience, please contact me to schedule one. At this point, providing resources that you can use when it fits your schedule seems the preferred method--rather than staying after hours to do an hour of training.

 For a quick reference spot, go to the following website whenever you need a refresher. The site is an interactive infographic that allows you to explore as you please.

OneNote Infographic

I would start with this Sway presentation about OneNote. In this presentation, you are taken from the basics of using OneNote to the much more advanced applications.

OneNote Ninja <-- click here to view to Sway in all its glory, rather than the smaller version below.




For more specific applications, look into the following:

Making use of check-boxes and to-do's

Adding lessons and resources with OpenUp

Using Desmos and OneNote

5 Educator Tips

10 Best Uses for OneNote


For a more comprehensive look at professional learning, I recommend visiting education.microsoft.com and signing up for an account. You can explore a never-ending library of Office resources, ideas, lessons, and more.

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