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Thursday, August 24, 2017

G. Smith and her love for Padlet

Posted by Scott Arenal-Mullen in General  |  Comments (1)

Mrs. G Smith's padlet used for the class reading of Fahrenheit 451 is linked below. 


G. Smith's Padlet

Comments on "G. Smith and her love for Padlet"

9/26/2017 10:08:57 AM CST

1. Annissa Roland said...

What a great idea to use padlet as a running conversation as you read! This addresses so many motives to read and participate (content and substance, protection, affirmation, affiliation, authenticity, and novelty and variety), perhaps even for the reluctant reader! The layout doesn't require any scrolling to see all the comments! It seems they participated in the reading and the discussion. How did they feel aobut the use of the class conversation in this way? How did it help or distract from learning? What did you learn about them from doing the discussion this way? Thank you!!!

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