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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

M. Farris Reflection on Choice

Posted by Scott Arenal-Mullen in General  |  Comments (1)

Mr. Farris has provided a reflection based on his experiences with building choice into one of his lessons.


"With the Ancient Civilizations virtual museum projects, I allowed students to choose the digital presentation format with which they were most comfortable.  I also provided students the option to create a traditional poster presentation if they found that format more exciting (Only 2 of 13 students choose that option) 

Challenges:  A few students were limited in their familiarity with PowerPoint, etc.. and got off to a slow start.  However, this challenge became the basis for a very positive outcome:  Students more skilled in creating digital presentations took the initiative to tutor and teach less-skilled students how to effectively utilize PPT, Prezi or Emaze  
Success:  The quality of completed presentation was very high, with several exceptional projects.  I believe allowing student choice and the related peer tutoring was a significant factor in the overall success of this activity."

Comments on "M. Farris Reflection on Choice"

9/26/2017 9:53:12 AM CST

1. Annissa Roland said...

How interesting that giving students ownership of their products to make meaningful decisions about their work empowered them to become peer tutors in the class. Your design illustrates what being a guide to instruction can look like. Instead of you having to provide instruction to use various digital tools you allowed for the opportunity for students to be instructed by other students. This is a win-win for everyone! It seem that by designing choice into this unit we learn that product focus, clear and compelling product standards, and affiliation may have also been motives for their engagement. Thanks for all you do!

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