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Thursday, August 10, 2017

SAMR Learning Model

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If you are struggling to add technology to your teaching or don't know where to start, the SAMR model is for you. This is a way to look at how we bring technology into the classroom and how to make it more effective. For a brief overview, look no further. 

S- Substitution: Technology is changed out for something analog. Instead of paper and pencil, you use a computer to take notes.

A- Augmentation: Take it a step further than substitution, by adding a functional improvement. Think using a word processor to check grammar and spelling after writing.

M- Modification: This is where technology really begins to actually make a difference. This is when planning is required because the technology allows for a redesign of the task provided. Using Google Docs to take notes, have the grammar/ spelling checker, and collaborate with others.

R- Redefinition: The technology then allows for the creation of new tasks. Instead of just collaborating by adding your notes to theirs, you can annotate, hyperlink, share, and curate resources within the notes. Making interactive notebooks actually interactive.


If you want some more details, see these two videos below. One video was made by students and one by professionals.


Two videos covering the SAMR model

SAMR Model by teachers

SAMR Model by students

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