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Jobs for Georgia Graduates
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Program Description:

Jobs for Georgia Graduates (JGG) is a school-to-work transition program designed to provide high school students with employment training, work skills, leadership skills, and job development. JGG is a student organization with projects around the school, field trips, student leaders, community activities, state competitions, etc. Jobs for Georgia Graduates produces professional and qualified students who will succeed in the job market and lead their communities. Among the skills taught are leadership, responsibility, professionalism, time management, decision making, and integrity. 


Some JGG Competencies Covered - Fall 2017

  • Resume Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • Filling out Job Applications
  • Completing Job Interviews
  • Critical Thinking / Logic
  • Job Searches
  • Written Communication
  • Verbal Communication
  • Career Planning


Community Service Projects by JGG students -- Fall 2017:

  • Bake Sale -- to benefit the REACH scholarship
  • Car Wash -- to benefit the Class of 2021
  • Repairing School Greenhouse -- to benefit school science and agricultural programs
  • Shoe Donation -- to benefit Taliaferro County families
  • Clothing Donation -- to benefit Taliaferro County students
  • Organizing Technology Sale -- to benefit the school
  • Pre-K Mentoring -- to benefit Pre-Kindergarten students
  • Fluoride Distribution -- to benefit elementary students
  • 3-Point Tournament -- to benefit school athletics program


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