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World Studies: Africa, Southwest Asia (Middle East), Southern and Eastern Asia


This course will focus on Africa and Asia. The goal of this course is to acquaint middle school students with the physical and human geography of these continents and the impact the geography has on humans. Also the government/civics domain focuses on selected types of government found in the various areas and economies in different areas of the world.


Course Expectations:

Students in this course will be expected to:

  • Interpret documents from a  time period

  • Utilize various geography skills

  • Develop multiple perspectives on events and issues

  • Assess political cartoons, images, and videos

  • Apply critical thinking skills to analyze issues



All students will need the following:

Composition Notebook OR Spiral tablet

Pens (Black/Blue) and Pencils

Markers, Crayons, or Colored Pencils


***Other materials such as Kleenex, highlighters, whiteout, stapler, dividers, etc. are advised, but not a requirement for the class***


Course Policies:

Student Work: Students will be expected to complete all class assignments and assignments done outside of class time on a regular basis.  All students are expected to read class material, think critically, and write effectively. Students are expected to write in complete sentences, standard grammar, and correct spelling in every written performance.

Notebook:  Students will be required to bring their composition notebook to class everyday.  You will be expected to maintain a neatly organized notebook. This is important because there will be times you will need your notebook to complete assignments or to study for tests.













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