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Ms. Lester's English Language Arts Class

This English language arts class is designed to increase your communications skills through reading, writing, speaking, and the study of the English language.  The focus in this English  language arts class will be mastery and exposure to different writing genres, reading various texts, demonstration of the rules of grammar, and the ability to express yourself orally.


This year you can expect to read a variety of fiction and non-fiction including novels, short stories, dramas, poetry, and essays. These writing pieces will model the different writing styles we will be working on ourselves.  Writing assignments will include essays, constructed responses, and creative pieces.  Vocabulary, spelling, and grammar assignments will also be an important part of this class.  We are a community of learners, also expect to work periodically in groups and to present information to your peers in groups or individually.  


Our major units of study will include but are not limited to:

  • Narrative writing*

  • Expository writing (descriptive, explanation, comparison and contrast, problem/solution)*

  • Technical writing (friendly letters, thank-you notes, instructions, web pages)*

  • Persuasive writing*

  • Poetry

  • Short stories

  • Mythology/Folklore

  • Sentence Fluency and Construction

  • Vocabulary

  • Standard grammar and mechanics


*Throughout all of our writing, we will also utilize the multi-step writing process to develop, revise, evaluate, and improve our products. In our course of study in all the units, we will address the various components of specific genres (including but not limited to organization, purpose, audience, narration,etc.).

Grading Policy:


In our class, you will be graded informally and formally each day, using several different types of assessments. Here is the breakdown:


Category              Weight

Classwork             30%

Tests                    40%

Projects                20%

Homework            10%

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