Accelerated Reading Program

Wild About Reading is the Media Center's theme for Accelerated Reader. Accelerated Reader is the program TCS uses to determine reading ability range and yearly reading goal. When students visit the Media Center, they may check out books in that range. As students complete a book, they take a test over their book using the Accelerated Reading program. Once they complete a test, they are awarded points based on how they did on the reading tests and how many points the book was worth. Each student has an individual goal to meet for the entire school year based on their reading ability. After each test they take on their library book, the program will show their progress towards that goal. They have the entire year to reach that goal.

Once students have reached 25% of their reading goal for the year, their photo is taken and placed on a button pin. The pin is then placed on the Reading Tree in the Media Center on the bottom level. Once students reach 50%, their pin is moved to the middle level. At 75%, the pin is moved to the top level. Once students complete their goal, the pin is hung from the ceiling - and the students are then 'Reading Stars'. This lets the students know that they have reached their reading goal for the year, and may attend the AR party at the end of the year. Also at the end of the year, students will be given their pins at the Awards Ceremony. Outside of the Pre-K classroom, there is a STAR Reading bulletin board which reflects the same thing. 

  • Links to Free Reading Websites
    Below you will find several links to free Reading websites that will help your child. Oxford Owl will need to be accessed through Internet Explorer. Some sites might ask you to enroll but should be free. If you have any problems with any of the sites please feel free to call me; Ms. Adams, the Media Specialist, at 706-456-2546 ext. 339.
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