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Important Documents

Here you will find important documents that pertain to ALL High School Math classes!

Folder Mr. Finch's Math Schedule (Semester 1) (1 Files)
pdf file Mr. Finch`s Schedule
Folder Rules for Transformations (5 Files)
png file Transformations
jpg file Translations
png file Reflections
jpg file Dilations
png file Rotations
Folder Conversion Charts (5 Files)
pdf file Finch Customary Conversion Table
pdf file Finch Measurement Charts
pdf file Nachi Unit Conversion Chart
pdf file Printable Metric Conversion Charts and Tables
pdf file Standard Metric Unit Conversion Chart
Folder Types of Triangles (1 Files)
pdf file Types of Triangles
Folder Algebra 1 Notes (9 Files)
pdf file Area and Perimeter
pdf file Using Distance, Area, and Perimeter Formulas
pdf file Using the Distributive Property
pdf file Cartesian Coordinates
pdf file Types of Graphs
pdf file Box and Whisker Plots
pdf file Creating Box and Whisker Plots
pdf file Forms of Linear Equations
pdf file System of Linear Equations
Folder Geometry Notes (8 Files)
pdf file Angle and Line Relationships
pdf file Geometry Properties and Theorems
pdf file Trigonometric Relationships
pdf file Tangent Ratio
pdf file Sine and Cosine Ratios
pdf file Special Right Triangles
pdf file Problem Solving with Trigometry
pdf file Triangles
Folder Algebra 2 Notes (2 Files)
pdf file Analyzing Functions
pdf file Functions, Circles, Parabolas
Folder Websites required to be bookmarked on Surface Pro 4 (1 Files)
pdf file Required Websites
Folder Helpful Math Websites (1 Files)
pdf file Math Help Websites

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